Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Even As The Academy Gets It Right...they still get it wrong

As we enter the 2011 Academy Award season, every professional pundit to film fan across the land will be adding there two cents to this year’s Oscar debate and while I personally tend to take the handing out of these awards as a pseudo-political farce that Hollywood engages in each year and I am ultimately no different from anyone else and I will be throwing my opinion into the wind as well, but at least in my humble opinion the nomination is the award, the actual statue is B.S.

I could go on for hours about the categories (and probably will) but I’d like to bring two specific things to light.

Winters Bone with nominations for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress and Best Picture has to be a huge feather in the cap for everyone involved in this fantastic film that began its journey at Sundance and is now ending at the biggest award show of them all. It probably won’t win anything but it always makes me happy when the little movie that could…does.

On the flipside of that Christopher Nolan’s mind bending dream of the world of Inception did get nominated for 8 Academy Awards(tied for 2nd most with The Social Network and behind the 12 of The King’s Speech). Those 8 nods are certainly a fine achievement, but how in the BLUE HELL did Chris Nolan not get a nod for best director! To me this smells like a bit of jealousy from the academy, since they don’t all get $160 million to make their vanity projects and make $825 million worldwide(before home video) when doing them. I’m sure the accolades would be nice for him, but making gobs and gobs of money doing what he loves is a pretty good runner-up prize.

Check out the links on the side to read my reviews on examiner.com, and I’m sure I’ll see you all as our asses go numb, watching the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

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