Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Perhaps the most brilliant and disturbing movie I've ever seen...

Danish director Lars Von Trier, has done some pretty weird and emotionally evocative stuff over the years, The Kingdom mini-series, Breaking The Waves, Dancer In The Dark, Europa, Dogville et others, but his latest quite simply tops them all.

Antichrist debuted at Cannes in 2009, with critical acclaim but also with some shock and awe due to it's explicit sexuality and moments of graphic violence. I wont bore any of you with a plot summary that can easily be found elsewhere(or in the trailer link below), but I am compelled to tell you, the avid readers of this blog that I have never found a piece of film so compelling, yet so uncomfortable to watch all at the same time.

This is why films(dare I say art) is made to challenge, to provoke, to spark any and all kind of observations and discussion about what ever we please.

You might not like this film once you watch it, but I guarantee you will talk about it.



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