Tuesday, June 1, 2010

30 for 30: The Best Kept Secret On Television

In 2009, for the 30th anniversary of the ESPN sports network, regular columnist for ESPN.com Bill Simmons pitched the idea of a documentary series, exploring 30 sports stories that had not been full explored on there initial reporting. He wanted to find talents from Hollywood who were personally interested in that particular story.

Beginning on October 6th, 2009, "Kings Ransom" directed by Peter Berg explored the 1988 trade of Wayne Gretzky from the then four time Stanley Cup Champions to the L.A. and the ramifications of that which shook an entire nation.

The best documentaries are always when the director has a legitimate passion for the story, and "Kings Ransom" is no exception.

The sports fan and the cinema/documentary fan don't always mix, but these films take the inheriant drama of sports and translate them to film so well that even the most jaded anti-sports fan would get roped in by this fantastic series.

To learn more about this entire series visit http://30for30.espn.com/

To purchase any of these on DVD(Kings Ransom, is already available with more coming) visit your local retailer.

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