Monday, March 29, 2010

The Death Of Jack Bauer

This week we learned that the current season of the hit Fox show "24" will be it's last. Citing productions costs and the desire the end on their own terms Season 8 will be its last.

As we started this year with Jack in NYC recovering from his near fatal illness of last season, Jack was looking to have a normal life and being (believe it or not) a grandfather, but like on all previous seasons, somehow the shit hits the fan, and Jack is back in the saddle.

Without giving away any spoilers, many fans and pundits have deem that this season has officially jumped the shark tank and is more ridiculous then ever!

I say chill people, this is FICTION, its supposed to be ridiculous, that is what has kept us glued all these years...but what of the man, what will become of Jack Bauer.

Hollywood usually demands a happy ending, and with an impending film upcoming, this will more then likely happen, but with all the personal and physical torture that he has endured over the previous 7 days, one has to wonder if the happy ending should result in his death.

We love Jack, because he quite simply kicks ass, and asks questions later, and in this 21st century world of "No Fault", Jack finds who IS at fault and makes them pay.

He has done this at great personal expense, his family, his friends, his job and his very freedom, all for his love of really is all he has left.

They could write him off into the sunset and turn him into a "Bondesque" character, but wouldn't the real happy ending be to let this warrior go out in a blaze of glory in defence of his country...I guess we'll find out in 12 more hours.

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